International collaboration

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is a leader in its field, and shares knowledge and experience with the international transportation safety community with a view to advancing transportation safety worldwide.

International activities


In addition to conducting investigations into transportation accidents on Canadian soil and in Canadian waters, the TSB has occasion to participate in foreign investigations to represent Canadian interests. When a foreign state investigates a transportation occurrence involving Canadian citizens and/or a Canadian-certificated product or operator, the TSB can appoint an accredited representative to the investigation to coordinate the exchange of technical and safety information regarding the Canadian elements. Conversely, the TSB can also invite foreign investigation organizations whose country’s products or operators are involved in an occurrence in Canada to participate in its investigation.

Even when Canadian people or entities are not involved in an occurrence, the TSB is often asked to participate in foreign investigations where the responsible agency does not have its own laboratory facilities or specific expertise. The TSB’s experts can provide a broad range of services including the download and analysis of flight recorders, mechanical and metallurgical testing, site surveying, photogrammetry, and human factors analysis.

On rare occasions, the TSB can be delegated to carry out full investigations abroad when the responsible state is not able to conduct its own investigation for any reason, including technical capability or resource restrictions, or if the responsible agency is in a conflict of interest.

Information sharing and training

The TSB shares information with its foreign counterparts on an ongoing basis. Tools, policies and procedures are frequently exchanged. TSB investigators participate in conferences and workshops to share best practices and lessons learned. The TSB also regularly hosts delegations from other countries coming to Canada to learn about our legislation, organizational structure, and investigation methodologies.

The TSB also regularly shares its knowledge and expertise with foreign investigation organizations through the provision of specialized investigator training. Foreign investigators are invited to participate in TSB training sessions in Canada or TSB personnel travel to other countries to provide training to groups of foreign investigators.

Joint projects / Studies

The TSB represents Canadians interests on matters pertaining to transportation safety investigations in various working groups or task forces of the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Maritime Organization and the International Railway Safety Council. From time to time, the TSB also participates in joint projects or studies.