In 2015, in the federally-regulated pipeline system, 38 companies, including 11 that transport both oil and gas, transported 217 million m³ of oil (1.4 billion barrels) along 21 637 km of oil pipelines. Sixty-five companies, including the 11 that transport both oil and gas, transported 152 billion m³ of natural gas along 56 332 km of natural gas pipelines.That same year, no pipeline accidents were reported to the TSB, down from the 2014 total of 5, and below the 2010–2014 average of 8.

The TSB's team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of pipeline engineering, metallurgy, welding and control systems, as well as the pipeline regulatory environment. We have access to and use highly trained specialists and state-of-the-art equipment to examine and test pipeline components involved in occurrences in order to identify and confirm safety deficiencies. TSB pipeline investigators also serve on and actively participate in various government and industry committees, activities and forums in order to monitor trends and promote the safety messages resulting from our investigations.