Transportation Safety Board awards

2013 Award recipients

Outstanding Achievement Award

This award was given to Paulo Ekkebus, a Senior Investigator in the Marine Branch, for his leadership role in the development of the new Marine Safety Information System (more commonly known as MARSIS), an initiative that saw the complete re-design and successful streamlining of the system that greatly improved its functionality.

Chantal Lemyre, Director General, Corporate services, presents the Outstanding Achievement Award to Paulo Ekkebus (left)

Excellence in Leadership Award

This award was presented to Peter Hildebrand, the Manager of Regional Operations for the Air Branch in Winnipeg. Peter was recognized for his exemplary reports, his ability to motivate his investigators to produce high-level products, and his professionalism while co-operating with other departments.

Mark Clitsome, Director, Investigations – Air, presents the Excellence in Leadership Award to Peter Hildebrand (left)

The Impact Award

This award was given to Strategic Communications Advisor Murray Jones for his outstanding work in developing and implementing the TSB’s social media presence.

Chair Wendy Tadros (right) presents the Impact Award to Murray Jones

The Client Service Award

This award was presented to two employees, Michael Doré and Marc Lalande, for their exceptional work and commitment to providing high-quality client service within the TSB.

Michael Doré gives his acceptance speech for the Client Service Award
Chair Wendy Tadros (right) presents the Client Service Award to Marc Lalande

The Excellence in Investigation Award

This award was given to the Exact Air investigation team, under the leadership of Pierre Gavillet, for their excellence in the Beech King Air 100 accident investigation. Their findings were subsequently used as the basis for safety recommendations and as a model for transportation safety messages throughout Canada.

Jean Laporte, Chief Operating Officer (right), presents the Excellence in Investigation Award to Pierre Gavillet