Transportation Safety Board awards

2015 Award recipients

Outstanding Achievement Award

This year, the Outstanding Achievement Award is shared by three employees for their exceptional work on the Independent Peer Review of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau's (ATSB) investigation methodologies and processes: Brad Vardy, Joel Morley, and David Ross.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) conducted an investigation into the ditching of a Westwind 1124A near Norfolk Island, Australia, that occurred on 18 November 2009. Shortly after the release of the final report (AO-2009-072) in August 2012, a television programme questioned the quality and findings of the investigation. This prompted an Australian Senate committee to conduct an inquiry into the investigation, which yielded a number of unfavourable findings and recommendations for change.

In response to the Senate inquiry, the ATSB approached the TSB with a request that it conduct a peer review of its investigation methodologies and processes.

The review team under the leadership of Brad Vardy demonstrated the utmost level of professionalism in handling a complex and delicate situation. They established an excellent working relationship with ATSB officials, building trust and obtaining full collaboration. The final report summarized the results of their review while being fair and attentive to the sensitivities.

(l-r) Joel Morley, David Ross, Chair Kathy Fox, Brad Vardy

Excellence in Leadership Award

There were two winners this year. The first recipient of the Excellence in Leadership Award is Susan Greene. Over the past year, Susan has led the development and implementation of the new interviewing skills training and the critical incident stress management training. In addition, Susan accepted to take on a lead role in overseeing the work of external contractors on the development of new Occupational Health and Safety directives.

Susan has demonstrated superior communication skills by ensuring that her working groups and management were kept well informed on the progress of each project. Her positive management style helps make these types of initiatives successful.

Susan Green receives her award from COO Jean L. Laporte

The second recipient of the Excellence in Leadership Award is Line Laflèche for her leadership on numerous Information Management (IM) and Information Technology (IT) projects. Last year saw many challenges as Line assumed responsibility for IM. Under her leadership, good progress was made on the development of guidance on recordkeeping and the implementation of changes to improve the management of electronic records.

Since taking on the management of the IT function, Line ensured the implementation of a rigorous IT project management methodology. She also ensured the successful completion of various IT projects such as the development and implementation of the new modal databases, including the recently released ASIS, the implementation of a secure document transfer tool, improvements to the workload management module, and various other iZone releases.

Line Laflèche receives her award from COO Jean L. Laporte

Impact Award

This year’s recipient of the Impact Award is François Dumont. His contribution and the quality of his work have been excellent since he began working with the TSB since 2013.

Of note, François has made an impact on two occasions during the previous year. First, in his detailed investigation into the Helit Bey accident, his safety letter motivated the vessel’s owner to take corrective action. Secondly, in the case of Seapace, his quick safety message had international impact potentially affecting 400 vessels.

François communicates perfectly in both English and French and his high-quality communications help influence safety actions taken by the marine community.

François Dumont receives his award Marc-André Poisson, Director of Investigation, Marine

Client Service Award

This year’s Client Service Award goes to Michel Mongrain. Working in Human Resources, Michel took on the new role of compensation liaison and support between the TSB and Public Works and Government Services Canada Shared HR Services. In this period of change, Michel encountered a number of challenges upon which he acted promptly and was able to resolve the issues as they arose. Several long outstanding issues came to the surface, Michel conducted in-depth research to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Michel has provided advice to TSB management and staff in interpreting compensation and benefits provisions of collective agreements, and in resolving complex/sensitive cases. Michel strives to provide excellent client service and he is a team player who goes beyond the call of duty in everything he takes on.

Michel Mongrain (L) receives his award from COO Jean L. Laporte)

Excellence in Investigations Award

The Excellence in Investigations Award was presented to the investigation team of the Perimeter Aviation Metroliner accident in Sanikiluaq, Nunavut (A12Q0216).

Under the leadership of Gayle Conners as Investigator-in-charge, the investigation team was composed of: Allen Barrett, Eckhard Dittbrenner, John Hannah, Kyle Jackson, Louis Landriault, Missy Rudin-Brown, Pierre Gavillet, Peter Kramar, Robert Potvin, Ted Parisee and Tony Gasbarro.

The team conducted a detailed and thorough analysis which identified important safety issues. More than 1100 documents were collected, organized and analyzed during the investigation. Gayle demonstrated exemplary professionalism throughout the investigation and a strong commitment towards improving the safety of children travelling in Canadian aircraft.

Gayle Conners receiving her award from Chair Kathy Fox