Stakeholder relations

The TSB’s investigations highlight issues that the regulators and industry need to address in order to reduce risks to Canada’s transportation system. The TSB values the relationships with its stakeholders because genuine, solid collaboration can result in the advancement of transportation safety. Further, the TSB values its stakeholders’ views on its programs and services and makes every effort to ensure it is meeting the needs of this important group.

TSB Transportation Safety Summit

In April 2016, the TSB invited senior officials from the marine, rail, pipeline and aviation industries to its Safety Summit to share best practices for capturing and using safety data in a proactive, non-punitive way with a view to improving transportation safety.

Stakeholders survey

In 2011, key transportation stakeholders were surveyed to gauge views about the TSB’s mandate, products and services. In 2015, a second survey was conducted to measure progress and to determine whether views had changed. This information influences future TSB direction on products, services and collaboration.

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