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Figure 1. Dead air region caused by horizontal tail (Reproduced from NASA Technical Note 6575, p. 28)

Illustration of the dead air region over much of the vertical tail.

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Figure 2. C-FNET Calculated Weight and Balance Chart

Calculated weight and balance chart for the aircraft, showing that it departed with a take off weight of 2446 pounds and a centre of gravity located approximately 43.25 inches aft of datum, and that it was operated in the normal category for the entire flight.

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Photo 1. Rear view of scoop, fractured at its base

Photograph showing the pipe at the back of the stall warning system scoop, fractured at its base.

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Photo 2. Fractured surfaces of the pipe

Photograph showing the fractured pipe of the stall warning system. The area that had been previously cracked as well as the area of the fracture showing a more recent break are shown.

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