Social media terms of use

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) uses a number of social media tools to share its content and provide access to reliable and timely information on marine, pipeline, rail and air transportation safety. The TSB looks forward to sharing information with you beyond the usual government web experience, but always encourage visits to its website for more detailed information.

The use of social media by the TSB is intended to encourage interaction between the users of these platforms and the organization, and in no way verifies or confirms either the accuracy of user comments or their compliance with the guidelines outlined here. The TSB does not endorse any of the views in comments posted by users. Comments that violate these policies may result in the TSB deleting the comment and blocking the user in question to prevent further inappropriate comments.

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Commenting: What is – and isn't – acceptable

The TSB welcomes your comments and expect that conversations will follow the general rules of respectful communication. You are fully responsible for everything that you submit in your comments, and all posted comments are in the public domain. Please keep your submissions relevant and civil.

Please keep in mind that the TSB cannot tolerate comments that are offensive to an individual or an organization, rude or abusive. The TSB does not discriminate against any views, but reserves the right to remove any comments that are:

  • contrary to the principles of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • racist, hateful, sexist, homophobic, slanderous, insulting, or life-threatening messages
  • serious, unproven, unsupported, or inaccurate accusations against individuals or organizations
  • abusive, aggressive, coarse, explicit, vulgar, violent, obscene, or pornographic comments
  • personal attacks and/or defamatory statements
  • comments that encourage or suggest illegal activity
  • messages where the sender is not the author (nor the copyright holder if applicable)
  • solicitations, advertisements, or endorsements of any financial, commercial or non governmental agency. Similarly, we do not allow attempts to defame or defraud any financial, commercial or non-governmental agency.
  • announcements from labour or political organizations
  • messages written in a language other than English or French
  • comments not sent by the author and/or posted by anonymous or robot accounts
  • repetitive posts copied and pasted by multiple users
  • unintelligible or irrelevant messages
  • messages posted using all CAPS (it is difficult to read and is interpreted as yelling)
  • messages that are too far off-topic
  • any other message that the moderators feel will not add to the normal flow of debate

In short, be respectful and make sure your comments are relevant. If you have any questions about communicating with us through social media, please contact the TSB. Anyone acting contrary to these rules may be temporarily or permanently excluded from the dialogue spaces on this site.

A few other important notes:

  • The TSB cannot commit to replying to every comment posted, but will engage in conversations when possible.
  • The views of participants commenting on these pages do not necessarily represent the views of the TSB.
  • You participate at your own risk, taking personal responsibility for your comments, your username and any information provided. To protect your own privacy and the privacy of others, please do not include phone numbers or email addresses in the body of your comment.
  • Reporters are asked to send questions to Media relations.
  • Additional information can be found in the Terms and conditions section of the TSB's website.

Users may provide video responses as long as they respect the rules of engagement.

The TSB encourages your participation in our discussion and looks forward to an active exchange.

Contact information

The TSB's social media accounts are managed by the Strategic Communications Division, located at:

200 Promenade du Portage
Gatineau, Quebec
K1A 1K8

For further contact details, please see the Contact us page.

Media enquiries

Media representatives can contact TSB Media Relations by e-mail ( or by phone (819-994-8053) during regular working hours and during an emergency.