Data dictionary - Aircraft data from January 2004

ASIS field name Full field name Field description
OccNo Occurrence number The occurrence identification number. The "A" is to identify Air mode followed by 2 digits to identify the year of the occurrence. The alphabetic letter after the year is to identify the TSB Region responsible for the occurrence file in Canada or "F" for occurrences outside Canada, followed by sequential number generated by IT system.
OccAcID Aircraft unique identifier Unique identifier for each aircraft involved in the occurrence, assigned as follows: occurrence number, underscore symbol, system generated non-hierarchical sequential number (e.g. A07W0168_3).
RegistrationNo Registration number Unique registration mark assigned by the national aviation authority, if available. If more than one aircraft are involved in the occurrence, each aircraft is reported in a separate row and the occurrence identification number is replicated in each row.
RegCountry Registration country The country whose national aviation authority registers the aircraft.
YearManufacture Year of manufacture The year in which the aircraft was manufactured as indicated on the aircraft documentation.
MaxWeightCat Maximum weight category Maximum weight category (in kg) is based on the aircraft's maximum take-off weight; it determines whether an occurrence is reportable in accordance with TSB regulation.
MaxTakeOffWeight Maximum take-off weight The maximum permissible take-off weight (in kg) for an aircraft as authorized by the state of registry of the aircraft or as provided for in the aircraft type certificate.
AircraftType Aircraft type Type of the aircraft according to its basic configuration: aeroplane (fixed-wing), helicopter (rotorcraft), glider, balloon etc.
AircraftMake Aircraft make The name (corporate or individual) of the aircraft type certificate holder.
AircraftModel Aircraft model An aircraft manufacturer's designation for an aircraft grouping with similar design or style of structure.
Organization Organization The name of the organization that operates the aircraft.
OperatorType Operator type Type of operator of the aircraft: commercial, private etc.
CARSubpart CAR subpart For operator type "Commercial" or "Private", type of applicable CAR subparts (e.g. for commercial: 705 Airliner, 704 Commuter etc.); "N/A" otherwise.
StateOperator State operator For operator type "State", type of applicable state operator (e.g. military, provincial etc.).
OperationType Operation type The type of operation that the aircraft was engaged in at the time of the occurrence: Air ambulance/ emergency medical, Search and rescue, etc.
Departure Departure Departure location of the aircraft.
Destination Destination Destination location of the aircraft.
DamageLevel Damage level The highest level of damage sustained by the aircraft.
PRODUCTION_DT Production date The date and time when the data file was generated. Date format is YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.