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Reports on Plans and Priorities: 2014-2015 Estimates

TSB 2014-15 Greening Government Operations

  1. Approach:

    • The Transportation Safety Board of Canada's (TSB) approach to implementing the Greening of Government’s Operations remains unchanged.  Its purpose is to promote green considerations in day-to-day procurement and disposal. To assist further in greening operations, training at manager/client level is planned that will include engagement at the process level.

  2. Management processes and controls:

    • The TSB continues to use Public Works and Government Services Canada's (PWGSC) green procurement methods of supply.

    • The TSB has in the past and will in the future follow the Federal Electronic Waste Strategy for the disposal of electronic and electrical equipment.

    • In 2014-15 Request for Proposal, Request for Goods and Services Contract templates will be reviewed with clients to identify opportunities that will engage environmental considerations in solicitation and contractual documents. The TSB's procurement guidelines and contracting policy will be amended to include client generated green Statements of Work that reflect environmental considerations. In addition Acquisition card users will be encouraged to participate in greening operations due to its’ collective impact.

    • The TSB will adopt guidelines and use green procurement specifications, prepare green evaluation criteria and selection methodology (eg. Life Cycle Costing)

  3. Setting targets:

    The TSB will continue to:

    • Strive to reach or exceed 90% (on a dollar value basis) of TSB purchases through PWGSC procurement instruments.
    • Ensure all TSB staff with delegated signing authority (Managers and Acquisition Card holders) is provided green training.
    • All TSB procurement and material management personnel will have or receive green procurement training.
  4. Meeting targets:

    The Department will report against these targets in the Departmental Performance Report in 2014-2015.