A career with the TSB

Job opportunities

What we do

The TSB is an independent agency, created in 1990 by an Act of Parliament. Its mandate is to conduct investigations into air, marine, pipeline, and rail transportation incidents and accidents in order to advance transportation safety in Canada (see About us).

The TSB also works internationally in partnership with other countries and organizations dedicated to transportation safety (see International collaboration).

Where we work

The TSB's head office is in Gatineau, Quebec, but most of its investigators work from field offices across the country so that they can respond quickly to transportation occurrences anywhere in Canada.

It's the TSB's unique mandate within the federal government. TSB employees have a high degree of job satisfaction because they know that the work they do is crucial to the safety of transportation in Canada and abroad.

Watch a video about the TSB and its work.

TSB investigators

Highly skilled investigators are deployed to the sites of transportation occurrences (incidents or accidents) to collect information; they do research and analysis to identify the causes of the occurrence and identify risks, and finally prepare detailed reports for publication. Find out more about the investigation process.

TSB investigators come from a variety of professional backgrounds: they are human factor specialists, air traffic controllers, airplane pilots, helicopter pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers, marine chief engineers, master mariners, naval architects, rail equipment and infrastructure specialists, locomotive engineers, and certified engineering pipeline specialists.

Investigators are in the occupational groups listed below, all of which have their own qualification standards.

  • Human Factors (EC)
  • Air Traffic Control (AI-NOP)
  • Civil Aviation Inspection (AO-CAI)
  • Technical Inspection (TI)
  • Engineering (EN-ENG)

The TSB team

A wide range of skilled professionals is needed to support the work of the TSB:  engineers, scientists, statisticians, administrators, finance experts, human resource personnel, and information technology and management specialists, as well as communications and publishing professionals. If you are in any of these fields, and are looking for a rewarding career, check out our job board—and join us!

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